Brothers International Team

Brothers International Tours is run by team of five brothers . We specialise in costomise private Nepal Travel packages for all our valued client. With more than a decade of experience and have brought thousands of travelers to various parts of Nepal, Bhutan and India (particularly Sikkim and Darjeeling). With our background, professionalism and experience, we are able to offer you an exciting and memorable travel experience in our beautiful country.


Vast Experience
We have extensive experience in providing full-service guided tours to family groups, school groups, corporate groups and diplomatic groups.  We are also able to provide highly personalised private tours for every one.

Unique and Customised  Itineraries
As we have guided many trips in this Himalayan region, we can show you the best places to visit in Nepal, Bhutan and India.  You will see the best scenery and culture that these places have to offer and have a highly memorable travel experience.  As we plan and operate our own tours, we are able to customise your itinerary to suit your personal preference and interest.

We and our team of staff are trained and licensed tour and trekking guides, and have developed our skills over years of experience.  We strongly believe in the importance of technical proficiency, proven safety record, careful judgment, patient and supportive teaching style and engaging personality.

Attention to Your Safety & Comfort
whether embarking on a road trip or a challenging trek, our guides pay careful attention to the condition and ability of each and every traveller.  We take every safety precaution, from providing proper acclimatisation to sanitary food and drink to high quality equipment and transportation.  We make contingency plans for every trip, including training our guides in first-aid and emergency evacuation.

Responsible Tourism
Operating in developing countries, we understand the importance of practising responsible tourism, and being an environmentally and socially conscious company.  Our trips are conducted in a manner that minimises their environmental impact and adheres to the “leave no trace” travelling and camping techniques.  We also seek to support communities by engaging the services of locals and helping to sustain their economy.  By upholding these environmental and social policies, we hope to set an example for other companies operating in this region and contribute to awareness and change.